About Us

About Eco-Lite™

In 1980 Eco-Lite Products, LLC™ through its Econo-Lite™ division started making lights for jewelry stores – perhaps the most challenging of all retail environments. Today, we have expanded to multiple retail markets including eyewear retailers, beauty salons and art galleries.

Eco-Lite’s™ fixtures are manufactured based on our cornerstone lighting principles. Our products are the perfect combination of energy efficiency, power, color and longevity.


As our country becomes more energy efficient (“green”), many states are imposing wattage restrictions for businesses. In some states (CA for example) the use of a “screw in” LED bulb will be calculated for energy usage in such a way as to make its use impractical. Without sacrificing the quality of light, that is a must in the retail world, Eco-Lite™ provides solutions to retail business owners that meet those challenges and restrictions. In addition, our lights emit very little heat which means that your HVAC unit will not need to be working as hard.


Judging the power of an LED light can be tricky as many companies falsify their numbers or use meaningless data to appear to have a powerful light. While the true power of an LED bulb is measured based on its Lumens Per Watt ratio (LPW) the practical measure of light power is how much light hits a given surface which is known as foot candles. Our LED light fixtures and bulbs use advanced optical designs which can alter the lights beam angles thereby producing high foot candle readings with lower wattage and LPW. This permits the retail store to be properly lit while creating electrical savings that can be measured in real dollars.


In order to properly illuminate eyewear choosing the correct color light is critical. Many lower quality LED lights have a range of color temperatures (Kelvin) which results in an inconsistent light pattern. Lower quality LED lights also suffer from color shifting over time resulting in a cooler colored LED beginning to produce a blue/green color over time or a warmer light turning almost yellow/orange. Our LED lights are high quality and provide consistent, beautiful light from the first day you turn them on.


Eco-Lite™ uses the highest quality diodes and electrical components in our light fixtures producing a rated life between 35,000 and 50,000 hours, depending on the fixture. Compared to halogen bulbs, our LEDs will generally last 200% longer which means replacing bulbs once every years is a thing of the past.